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An Idea of how difficult it is to replace a Master Switch under 5 mins

Posted by g.p on

This video will give you an Idea of what all it takes to replace a [Car Window] [Master Switch]. It really is not that complicated but you do need to have a few tools. If you can't install it yourself, a mechanic should not charge you for anymore than 1 hour of labor. Hope you find this video helpful!!!! Any video request please let us know?!!

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We are here to help you locate the right Used Auto part for your Vehicle. Whether we have the item in stock or not we will still help you find the proper Replacement Part.  We Specialize in Used auto parts, often you can save a significant amount of money buying Used Car Parts. We Clean [...]

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Thank You for your interest in our Company!! I recently found some really good information on engine control units. Possibly this will help you better understand the different types of control modules.Modern ECUs use a microprocessor which can process the inputs from the engine sensors in real-time. An electronic control unit contains the hardware and [...]

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