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How Do I Find the Correct Replacement Part for My Car?

Sep 19th 2018

Finding the correct part for your exact vehicle can be quite tricky, and often times, discouraging. Will the part fit the vehicle? Here’s how to find out!

Once the problem has been determined (please confer with a certified mechanic or the dealership to diagnose the issue), the easiest way to get the part would be to find the needed part number. Yup, that’s it!

But….where is the part number??? Well, the best thing to do is to have the actual part out of the car so the number can be written directly from the part. Some parts are easier to get to than others, and finding the part in the car could be time consuming. If the part is not easily accessible, the dealership can be called with the VIN to get the needed number. There are many dealerships across the country, so just keep calling until someone is able to get the part number provided.

Once the part number is located, the search becomes quite easy! Simply type the needed number directly into any search box and a list of those parts will show up. This makes reviewing the parts a much easier task, as all the parts will work with the vehicle if the numbers are a match.

The KEY to finding the correct part for the vehicle is MATCHING the part number on the original and replacement. If these part numbers don’t match, the part may not work with the vehicle. It can be quite inconvenient to have the part ready for installation, and then to find out it won’t work with the vehicle.

Parts that look the same or appear to be the correct part for the vehicle may not always be the case. The parts can look the same, but if they have different numbers, they may not work with the vehicle.

Finding used automotive parts for the vehicle may seem difficult, but once the number is located, it becomes much easier!!!